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37 Ridiculously Easy Back-to-School Event Hacks for PTOs

Fun shortcuts to try for your back-to-school event

A back-to-school event can establish your group as a well-organized, fun, powerhouse resource for the school community, and these shortcuts can help.

by Kerri Beauchesne


As we move full steam ahead into the organized chaos that is back-to-school time (oh, you know you love it!), we can all agree on one thing: shortcuts rule. Even if you can plan a boohoo breakfast in your sleep, trust us—you'll still want to add a handful of these hacks to your back-to-school ideas. Fair warning, though: Your events just might need a “May Cause Extreme Moments of Awesomeness” label.


1. You know all those pool floats that are on sale right now? Stock up on a few inflatable doughnuts for a fun Doughnuts With Dudes photo booth.

via Pinterest user Karen Erne


2. While you’re at it, grab a few beach pails. They double as fun post-summer snack bowls. Don’t forget the serving shovels!

via The Cutest Blog on the Block


Challenge accepted! Concrete steps for a great start to the school year

3. Throw drink pouches in the freezer to make mess-free, portable slushies.

via Girl Inspired


4. Gift parents of incoming Kindergarten students individual packs of tissues at your boohoo/yahoo breakfast (sometimes called "Tears and Cheers").

via Pinterest user Amanda Day


5. Display cotton candy by hanging it from a clothes drying rack.

via eHow


6. Parents like coffee (like, a lot). So chances are they won’t miss your PTO’s next event if you stick a reminder, ever so casually, in their cup.

via Jacolyn Murphy


7. Hand out labeled collection bags for box tops.

via Michelle’s Charm World


8. Walking tacos (using allergy-friendly chips) are a fun, easy, and school-safe meal at outdoor events.

via Keeley McGuire Allergy Friendly Fun Lunch Boxes


9. Stuck on scooper duty? You’ll want to avoid a bad case of ice cream elbow, then. Simply store your ice cream containers in zip-top bags to keep it soft.

via DIY & Crafts


10. And if ice cream isn’t your school’s thing, a cupcake bar probably is.

via Sugar Bean Bakers


11. Use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground—perfect for those outdoor events.

via B. Lee Events


12. Make pasta for a crowd—the night before.

via The Mama’s Girls


13. Paper plates + balloons = balloon Ping-Pong.

via Keeping It Simple


14. Use this free pizza calculator to figure out how many to order for a large event. (Yes, we just said “pizza calculator,” and yes, it’s a real thing.)

(Psst—we put together a whole bunch of easy meal ideas for large groups with a few really simple food calculators, from pizza to hot chocolate.)

via Calculate This


15. Make it easy for parents to identify your group by wearing “Ask me about our PTO” T-shirts.

via Earnest Horn Elementary School PTO in Iowa City


16. Upcycle Pringles cans into box top collection tubes! Now if only you could find someone to eat all those potato chips...

via Volunteer Spot on Pinterest


17. Set up a kindergarten photo booth for new parents.

via Kindergarten Kindergarten


18. Organize and transport parent welcome packets and other open house materials in a dish rack.

via The Organized Classroom


19. The coffee filter hot dog—it’s like having a plate and napkin in one!

via Sew Many Ways


20. Throw some hay and a table tennis ball in a box for a game of “Find the eyeball in the haystack.”

via Meaningful Mama


21. Make a “drive-through” volunteer sign-up board using sticky notes that you can take along to different events. That way, parents can just grab a volunteer opportunity...and go!

via InitLive on Pinterest


22. Set up a “selfie station” for families and ask parents to share their photos on your school’s Facebook page. Don’t forget the photo booth props!

via PTO Today


23. Plastic tablecloths are an inexpensive way to make a fun backdrop for a photo booth.

via Dixie Delights


24. Use graphics to promote upcoming events to parents on Facebook.

via PTO Today


25. Keep families busy between activities with a “guessing booth.”

via Pinterest User Laney Benedict


26. Scoop your ice cream into cupcake-lined muffin pans and pop in the freezer. Bam! Ready to go.

via Krysta’s Life in Food


27. Cook corn on the cob in a cooler.

via The Thrifty Couple


28. Make hot cocoa for a crowd in a slow cooker.

via Mrs. Happy Homemaker


29. Make cupcakes shaped like apples using balls of aluminum foil.

via Make and Takes


30. One potato, two (hundred) potatoes! Make baked potatoes for a crowd by washing them in the dishwasher (yes, for real).

via Heavenly Homemakers


31. Soda bottles, a beach ball, and pool noodles = instant outdoor bowling alley.

via Polkadot Chair


32. Empty laundry detergent dispensers make great handwashing and bubble refill stations—just add soap...or bubbles!

via Gwenny Penny


33. Pasta, pasta! For a low-cost activity, invite kids to make macaroni necklaces.

via Surviving a Teacher’s Salary


34. Use plastic cups to sell cupcakes at the bake sale fundraiser.

via Smart School House


35. Turn old boxes into giant dice for a fun outdoor carnival game...

via E is for Explore!


36. ...And pool noodles into giant pencil decorations for back-to-school night.

via Lalymom


37. Instead of tables and chairs, lay out blankets for families to picnic on. BYOP (bring your own pillow)!

via Maternidade Colorida


Want even more time-saving event tips and tricks? You’re in luck—we have 50 more event hacks to make your PTO life easier. Rock on, PTOs!

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