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6 Simple Fall Events

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Start your calendar on the right note by planning one (or more!) of these autumn events.


Weather Permitting

Depending on the timing, fall can lend itself to all different types of events. If the weather is still on the warm side, consider holding an outdoor barbecue. But if you’re unsure of the weather, make a backup plan to move indoors with slow-cooked substitutes like pulled pork and chicken.


The cooler temperatures in fall can make people gravitate toward comfort food, so why not have some family fun with it? Chili is a popular and easy choice, but some other options for a cook-off include stew, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and pies.

Book Swap

A book exchange is a low-cost event that generally draws a good crowd. Plus, early in the school year is a great time to supply kids with “new” books.

Crafts Night

A crafts night is a great way to get everyone together in a way that’s collaborative and creative. Add even more fun by giving your night a fall theme and encouraging crafts with pumpkins, leaves, and other autumn motifs.

Cafeteria Potluck

It’s never a wrong time to hold a potluck, but fall can be an especially good time to help families get acquainted. Encourage attendees to contribute family favorites or dishes that represent their heritage.

Tailgating Party

Fall means football! Get in on the fun by holding a tail­gating party at school. Set up a few grills and encourage families to bring side dishes. Add a contest (best team spirit, best sign, etc.) that encourages people to dress in team colors.

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