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19 Easy-to-Make PTO Signs That Parents Will Love

Most of us live online these days, but there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned sign to get the word out about your PTO. The key is to go bold. Make signs that are unexpected, clever, and colorful—and your parents will remember them! Here are 19 ideas to try.

by Rose Hamilton



Keep it colorful and simple! Highlight a few accomplishments and programs and toss in a few inspirational images or quotes for pizzazz.

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Go big whenever you can! (And this one looks easy peasy: Get poster board, rope, clothespins, and markers and display in your school’s lobby.)



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Large does it for outdoors, too. You want to be visible to all the parents hiding at the end of the drop-off line!

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And what better way to coax folks into a PTO meeting than a 6-foot-tall, not-so-subtle hint like this?

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Find a permanent spot and create a tasteful little reminder of what your group is all about.

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Be open about your canvas! For instance, a plastic table cloth works perfectly to create a can’t-miss sign for a membership drive.

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Trifolds are awesome. No more “where the heck am I going to hang this sign?” You can display lots of info and they stand up on their own!

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Penmanship counts! Find someone in your group who can print like a teacher so everyone can read what you have to say! (Or just ask a teacher to help!)

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Bright colors will catch everyone’s attention. If you don’t have neon markers, use fluorescent-color construction paper.

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Balloons make a sign stand out! But keep them up high so little ones don’t get the urge to pop them.

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Real props, like tablecloths and pizza boxes, will help bring a sign to life. (Real food, however, is best left at home.)

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Or make a sign truly come to life with the help of a few volunteers. (Hint: Use felt. It’s gentler on the sign-wearer!)

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Or find a friendly (no frills) sign-holder who’s happy to volunteer. It’s another fun way to catch folks’ attention.

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Themes are good. For instance, lunch bags at back-to-school time can’t fail! (Borrow from this photo: All you need are lunch bags, white paint, twine, and tissue to stuff the bags.)

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Make signs interactive so folks will be engaged. This PTA bulletin board offers “take one” forms neatly bundled in envelopes...

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...While this one encourages parents and kids to post their own thoughts.

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Sandwich boards are a great way to get the word out to parents at drop-off and pickup times. Even better: Build your own with two chalkboards to use throughout the year.

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Photos tell more than words! Display pics of volunteers and events on school bulletin boards. (Borrow this movie theme. It certainly adds flair!)

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…And when all else fails, grab a big chunk of sidewalk chalk to create a sign-on-the-go. Kids and parents will love it!

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