Despite her gleeful spirit, it’s safe to say Dory wouldn’t make the best PTO president with that memory of hers. While she might not be able to memorize names in nanoseconds or keep (accurate) count during a penny war, snagging a good-hearted volunteer like Dory is a win for your group. Sure, she might need a little extra guidance when it comes to planning a big school family event, but let’s be honest—don’t we all?

So please, do yourself a favor and grab our free Family Movie Night kit (it’ll make your PTO life a little bit easier, we promise). You’ll get step-by-step planning guidelines, movie licensing information, promotional materials (including Finding Dory Facebook graphics!), and other goodies.

1. There’s always that one person who’s a little obsessed with all things Disney. You might want to put her in charge.

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2. But, fair warning—she may want to take spiritwear to a whole new level. We’d say this one’s pretty appropriate for PTO leaders, though.


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3. Parents might forget about your event, but not if you remind them—repeatedly—on Facebook.

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4. The occasional funny meme never hurts, either.

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5. Giving a themed gift basket as a door prize will boost attendance. And parents do love taking care of fish, so...

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6. Don’t forget the Finding Dory gift tag!

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7. On decoration duty? If you know how to work a tape dispenser, you’ve got this.

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8. While you’re at it, you might as well cast a few balloons in a net...

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9. ...or string them together to make bubbles.

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10. Attach a few streamers and you’ve got yourself some octopus. (Er, octopi??)

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11. Everyone will be able to find the drink station just fine, thanks to this.

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12. Attach googly eyes to blue cups and make the popcorn bar unforgettable.

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13. While you’re at it, you might as well serve goldfish out of a fishbowl.

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14. By all means, feel free to go above and beyond with a full-on fish buffet. We won’t stop you.

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15. What’s a fish buffet without some seaweed grape kebabs?

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16. Don’t worry—no fish were harmed in the making of this kid-friendly “fish and chips” platter.

via Two Story Cottage


17. When all else fails, there’s always blue gelatin and gummy fish...

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18. ...or fish bait. Really, it doesn’t get easier than this.

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19. We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a nod to Nemo, too. These fish-tastic fruit cups should do.

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20. Raise funds on-site with these Hank the Octopus lollipops…

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21. ...and collect Box Tops with a “Feed the Fish” collection bin.

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22. Keep kids busy with minute-to-win-it games that feature the ever-versatile goldfish cracker.

via Making Merry Memories


23. A rousing game of “Pin the Fin” on your favorite fish is always a fun one, too.

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24. Excuse us while we run out to stock up on blue bath poufs at the dollar store.

via The Keeper of the Cheerios


25. Use blue streamers as a simple backdrop for your photo booth.

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26. Plastic tablecloths will work in a pinch, too.

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27. Don’t forget the photo booth props!

via PTO Today’s Family Movie Night kit (free download)


And remember—your school still needs to obtain a movie license even if you don’t charge admission. Learn more about movie licensing, plus get Finding Dory Facebook graphics and more, in our free Family Movie Night kit.

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