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4 Awesome School Auction Themes


Build enthusiasm for your silent auction by using one of these cool and unusual themes. And click around each graphic for fun details!


Tailgating Party

1.    Use small grills to display special auction items.
2.    Hang flags in your school colors for a spirited setting.
3.    Stack coolers for a quick and colorful decoration.
4.    Decorate tables with various sports equipment.
5.    Set up shade tents in corners to draw attention to big-ticket items.
6.    Have volunteers wear custom eye blacks with your school’s mascot.

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Construction Zone

1.    Have volunteers wear party store construction hats.
2.    Decorate the space by tying helium balloons to sawhorses.
3.    Use traffic cones to indicate the direction to flow through the auction space.
4.    Fill a toy dump truck with napkins and utensils.
5.    Provide “build your own” food, like tacos or hamburgers.


Life's a Beach

1.      As people pay for admission, hand out leis for them to wear at the event.
2.      Hang a cluster of beach balls from the ceiling as a nice focal point for the night.
3.      Set up two lounge chairs with an umbrella where attendees can take selfies.
4.      Ask event volunteers to wear loud Hawaiian shirts.
5.      Use surfboard-shaped signs throughout the silent auction area.
6.      Have a “signature” tropical drink ready for guests as they arrive.


Secret Garden

1.      Place Christmas lights on potted plants to make the scene magical.
2.      Decorate blank walls with vintage-style gates (check local flea markets).
3.      Use watering cans as planters and table centerpieces.
4.      Use vintage keys to decorate auction item signs. A small handful of the keys can work as a table centerpiece.
5.      Hide a garden gnome and challenge attendees to find it.
6.      Hang paper lanterns for a glowing, festive effect.

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