In the coronavirus-inspired whirlwind that was March 2020, it’s fair to say that planning ahead to run a classroom at home was pretty nonexistent. And scrounging up half-used glue sticks and scrap paper will only get you so far these days. If you’re looking to fill out your school-at-home supply closet, try these supply lists by grade range from our sister site, TeacherLists.

School-at-Home Supply List, Early Elementary (grades preK-2)

School-at-Home Supply List, Elementary (grades 3-5)

School-at-Home Supply List, Middle (grades 6-8)


Interactive Map: Coronavirus-Related School Reopening Plans

Keep an eye on which states are reopening schools for virtual learning vs. remote learning over the next few weeks and months. Click the top right corner of the map to see the legend.