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COVID-19 At-Home School Supply Lists

COVID-19 At-Home School Supply Lists

Essential supply lists for at-home educational enrichment while schools are closed as a result of the novel coronavirus.


In the coronavirus-inspired whirlwind that was March 2020, it’s fair to say that planning ahead to run a classroom at home was pretty nonexistent. And scrounging up half-used glue sticks and scrap paper will only get you so far. If you’re looking to fill out your school-at-home supply closet, try these supply lists by grade range from our sister site, TeacherLists.

School-at-Home Supply List, Early Elementary (grades preK-2)

School-at-Home Supply List, Elementary (grades 3-5)

School-at-Home Supply List, Middle (grades 6-8)


What Students Miss Most About Normal School

What have kids missed about being in school in person, full-time? A lot, it turns out.

Brainly, an online learning and homework community, surveyed about 3,000 U.S. middle and high school students about what they miss the most. We also checked with kids of different ages and grades for more insight. Those conversations and the survey revealed both expected and unexpected answers.

On friends

72% of students surveyed by Brainly agreed they miss seeing friends the most.

Anya V., who’s in 7th grade, says “During the school day I missed having breaks with my class because it was the best time to talk to my friends. It’s not the same online.”

On time with teachers

Ever B, a 5th grader, says “In real school, if you don’t ‘get it,’ your teacher can see. In online school you just pretend you ‘get it,’ and your teacher can’t tell.”

On sports and other activities

Commenting about a friend’s disappointment when their districted cancelled fall sports, Viviana S. says “I get it. That’s what theater is for me and I’ll miss being in the school plays the most.”

On school itself

Some unusual replies in Brainly’s survey included students missing the fluorescent lighting and class desks (15%).

Jack B., a 10th grader, says “I miss the consistent schedule. Having something to do every day.”

To read more about what students miss, and their responses about their stress levels, check out the full article on

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