Book of extra-short stories

When you have a lot to do and you’re sometimes waiting around for other people, keep your mind engaged during those brief stints between tasks.

Meal delivery service

Especially useful for nights when PTO meetings overlap with dinnertime.

Hand vac

Perfect for removing all the paper scraps, confetti, and other junk that gets left behind when you transport boxes, bins, and the occasional large branches the trunk of your car.

Liquor of the month subscription box

If you’re into that sort of thing....

Woodworking lessons

The gift that gives back! These skills will come in handy the next time you’re called upon to build a parade float or carnival booth.

Funky desk lamp

Good lighting is essential so you can get your “other” work done faster.

Cozy blanket

Look for one with an attached pillow so you can nap anywhere, anytime.