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The Benefits of Parent Involvement in Schools

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You make a difference! Parent involvement is positive for everyone; there’s even research to prove it.

by Lani Harac



PTO, PTA, and booster club groups combined raised more than $574 million in 2010

24% raised by PTOs
26% raised by Booster Clubs
50% raised PTAs

“The Rise of School-Supporting Nonprofits,” SSRN February 2014


Parent Confidence

Parents who are more highly involved with their children’s education are more confident about supporting their children academically.

“The Correlation Between Parental Involvement and Student Academic Achievement,” LSU Master’s Theses August 2015



Involvement by dads at school is associated with positive outcomes for children’s math and reading skills.

“Father Involvement and Cognitive Development in Early and Middle Childhood: A Systematic Review,” Frontiers in Psychology October 2019



More parent involvement at school was linked to an increase in social skills and decrease in misbehavior among students.

“Parent Involvement and Children’s Academic and Social Development in Elementary School,” Child Development May/June 2020


Parent participation in school-related activities

Every three to five years, the National Center for Education Statistics conducts a household education survey that includes questions about family involvement in education. Below are the percentage of students in grades K-8 whose parents reported participating in certain school-related activities during the 2018-19 school year.

92% attended a school or parent group meeting
attended a school or class event
participated in school fundraising
volunteered or served on a school committee

“Parent and Family Involvement in Education: 2019,” National Center for Education Statistics July 2020

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Originally posted in 2021 and updated regularly.

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