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5 Trending Online Tools for School Fundraisers

5 Trending Online Tools for School Fundraisers
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The top five online tools for school fundraising in the digital era from the experts at Get Movin'.


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Counting cash and paper sign-up forms? That’s so 2020!

The increased use of interactive platforms, virtual events, and online donation systems has streamlined the fundraising process, making it possible for more schools to host BIG fundraising events, even with a small team of volunteers!

This year, we're seeing these trends grow with the introduction of more accessible, customizable, and automated platforms and apps. These advancements are making it easier for PTOs of varying sizes and budgets to reach more donors, raise more funds, and even save more time! In recent years, the convenience of smartphone technology has revolutionized various aspects of our daily lives—from ordering groceries and scheduling a ride share to banking.

Below, we round up the top five online tools that are redefining fundraising in schools across the country this year.

1. Diverse payment options

The inclusion of various payment methods, such as PayPal, Venmo, and mobile wallets, alongside traditional options like cash and credit cards, has broadened the donor base. Fundraisers that can accept diverse forms of online payment are proved to raise more. This makes donating convenient and encourages spontaneous contributions because of the ease of the process. Plus, the security and trust associated with well-known payment platforms enhance the confidence of your donors.

2. Automated communication tools

The ability to send personalized and automated emails to parents and donors is a game-changer. Online platforms are now making it possible to automate this process and save you the time and hassle that goes into writing, formatting, and sending emails during your donation period. This ensures consistent engagement, targeted messaging, and tons of time saved. It also leads to increased participation and donations as people can simply open an email, press a button, and you have another online donation!

3. ACH transfers

The use of ACH transfers for managing post-event funds is a significant step in the right direction. Schools no longer need to wait weeks between raising funds and receiving a check in the mail. This method speeds up the transfer of funds from a third-party vendor, reduces processing time and costs, and minimizes the risk of errors and loss associated with physical checks. It’s important to get your funds as fast as possible so you can put them to good use in your school!

4. Employer match identifier

Employer Match is an online tool that helps identify potential employer matching opportunities for donations. If the businesses your donors work for offer an employee matching gift program, you want to know about it! This feature helps spotlight those potential funds and can lead to doubling the donations for your school!

5. Mobile-friendly fundraisers

Having a mobile-friendly fundraising platform is crucial. A well-designed mobile platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience, encouraging more people to engage with your fundraiser—teachers, parents, volunteers, donors, even the students! Mobile platforms can help create buzz around your fundraiser, engage millennial parents, and make it easy for participants to share their involvement and progress. Many mobile platforms also allow for a high degree of customization. You can personalize your fundraiser to reflect your school spirit, colors, fundraising purpose, and more!

These tools are transforming how PTOs, PTAs, and Booster Clubs manage fundraising. They're making fundraising events more accessible, engaging, and profitable!

To experience these tools in action and see how they can revolutionize your school's fundraising efforts, consider exploring one of the online fundraising platforms out there. Sign up for an online tour or a session with a fundraising coach to learn about the online features that could make your next event easy, profitable, and worry-free!


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