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Everything You Need To Know About a World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

Everything You Need To Know About a World’s Finest  Chocolate Fundraiser

Get ready to raise thousands of dollars for your school in less than two weeks.


This article is sponsored by our friends at World’s Finest Chocolate, still #1 in fundraising. Get your hands on the new funkier chunkier chocolate bars today!


When it comes to finding the perfect fundraiser, you want to feel good about what you’re asking of your school community. Since 1949, World’s Finest Chocolate has helped schools and communities raise more than $4.6 billion (yep, that’s a b!) to fund amazing things like playground equipment, outdoor classrooms, gaga pits, technology, field trips, and tuition assistance. Every chocolate bar sold is a step toward building a stronger school community!

Plus, this nostalgic, feel good brand brings people right back to their childhoods (good vibes = more sales!). In fact, you probably remember selling chocolate bars when you were a kid!

Below, we round up everything you need to know below about a World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser for your school.

1. It’s a quick and easy fundraiser (as in 2 weeks from start to finish!)

If your group has been searching for a fundraiser that’s reliable, profitable, quick, and easy, this one takes the cake (er, chocolate!). Upon signing up, you’ll get a fully dedicated Fundraising Specialist to support your group in building a successful fundraiser from start to finish, along with a toolkit that offers everything from fundraiser tracking to social media posts that’ll help you engage your school community—and raise more money!

2. Earning up to 50% profit means your group can fund lots of important initiatives

What would your group do with thousands of dollars? With World’s Finest Chocolate, you earn between $24 and $30 profit per box. That means if your school sells a total of 300 boxes, that’s a quick profit of just over $8,000 (sweet!) World’s Finest Chocolate even has a handy online calculator you can use to estimate how much profit your school will earn based on number of boxes sold.

3. Their chocolate is so delicious, it practically sells itself

With $1, $2, and their new $3 throwback chocolate bars (the same chunky nostalgic size from the ‘70s), these products are priced to move. Plus, they’re made right here in the U.S.A. and peanut free. Chances are, there are quite a few folks in your community who will buy an entire box of chocolate bars for themselves (can we blame them?)


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4. Kids learn valuable life skills

Students learn important life skills when fundraising, like how to speak persuasively, present themselves confidently, meet goals as part of a team, and manage inventory.

5. Fun incentives that get students excited to participate

It’s a fact: when it comes to school fundraisers, prizes encourage higher sales and keep engagement going so that your group can raise even more. World’s Finest Chocolate has a customized incentive program that motivates students, creates fun memories, and rewards kids with things they love!

6. Take advantage of new customer incentives, like free chocolate for teacher appreciation

If this is your first time running a World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser, we hope you love chocolate (of course you do!) because you’ll receive additional free prize chocolate to motivate students and faculty with qualifying orders. Imagine what you could use all that bonus chocolate for, like a “ thanks a choco-lot” teacher treat trolley!


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7. A “profit guarantee” means you’ll earn even more than last time, guaranteed—or you’ll get a check for the difference

Sign up for the “profit guarantee” to earn 10% more than your previous fundraiser or World’s Finest Chocolate will pay you the difference. And yes, that’s basically free money for your school!

8. No money is needed upfront to start your fundraiser, which means your PTO treasurer will pretty much love you forever

That’s right—there are no upfront costs to start a World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser. Public schools, school parent groups, and not for profit private schools qualify for 30 day terms.

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9. This product fundraiser is risk free—returns of unopened boxes are accepted within 60 days of delivery

Your dedicated Fundraising Specialist will even provide you with a permission slip form that you can distribute along with each box to ensure you’re able to easily collect funds and/or any unsold boxes. You’ll also get great ideas to ensure your group is able to sell all your boxes and collect the funds.

10. A motivational kick-off gets students pumped to participate

Students will be jazzed to participate after your school’s fun, motivational kick-off (available in-person or as a professional kick-off video).

11. Easily keep track of sales and prizes online

For some of us PTO parents, anything that requires a spreadsheet gives us the heebie-jeebies. With World’s Finest Chocolate, you don’t have to worry because you’ll have access to their easy-to-use online record keeping platform to track sales and prize incentives for your fundraiser. You’re going to be selling a TON of chocolate, after all!

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12. You’ll get dedicated expertise from your local World’s Finest Chocolate representative

Your dedicated Fundraising Specialist will quickly become your partner, helping you from start to finish so that your school can hit its goals.

Ready to learn more about this awesome school fundraiser? Hop on over to the World’s Finest Chocolate website to get started!

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