During my room mom years, I worked with lots of different teachers, from an intimidating kindergarten teacher who seemed bothered by room moms to a kindhearted 4th grade teacher who actually gave us gifts at the end of the year!

Early on, I didn’t want to “bother” teachers by asking too many questions. But assuming teachers like things a certain way is a mistake. Most teachers will be more than happy to answer even the most basic of questions. And you’ll find you have a much better relationship if you keep communication lines open.

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Try asking questions like these:

1. What’s the best way to communicate, and how often should you be in touch?

2. Who’s in charge of crafts? Some teachers will welcome your ideas, others will have more specific craft plans to support curriculum.

3. Who gets the supplies for crafts?

4. What are the snack rules for the classroom?

5. Does the teacher ask parents for donations for classroom parties or projects, or is that your job?

6. Aside from parties and projects, are there other classroom tasks the teacher needs help with?

7. Does the teacher want you to ask parents for help at parties, or will she handle that?