40 Ultimate Room Parent Hacks

All the room parent hacks you'll ever need—and then some!


All the room parent hacks you'll ever need—and then some!

Whether you’re a newly appointed room parent (welcome to the party!) or returning for another year of classroom fun (really, you rock), you’ll definitely want to bookmark our collection of room parent hacks. Tried and tested by the savviest party planning, glue stick wielding, smile making volunteer ninjas out there, these 40 tips and tricks will make your own room mom experience that much easier—and a lot more fun.

1. Candy eyeballs are great for making last minute, super adorable, super healthy party snacks.

via thecraftingchicks.com

2. Make a cupcake carrier out of an old cereal box, and never worry about getting it back. 

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3. Scooping ice cream for one? Not a problem (you could do that in the dark, with your eyes closed). But scooping ice cream for 25? Slice it up instead! 

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4. Or, if you’ve got it together (of course you do, you’re a room mom!), scoop your ice cream into cupcake-lined muffin pans and pop in the freezer. Bam! Ready to go. 

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5. Use a utensil tray for ice cream sundae bar toppings.

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6. Add a little Jell-O in your frosting and it will change color and flavor (side note, did you know Jell-O came out with a celery flavor in the 1960s? The kids will be glad that’s done and over with.)

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7. Use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground – perfect for an outdoor event at school. 

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8. No helium? No problem. Tape balloons to the wall with streamers.

via gabieandkids.wordpress.com

9. The struggle to decorate cookies (more than one, anyway) is real. Make your life easier with mini M&Ms.

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10. Fancify a cheap plastic tablecloth with just a few nips and tucks.

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11. Keep fruit salad bug-free at outdoor school events by serving it out of a cookie jar. 

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12. You know that little place called the dollar store? Stock up on clear plastic cups and use googly eyes, temporary tattoos or stickers to jazz them up.

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13. Or, if you’re fancy (here's lookin' at you, fancy pants!), you could use washi tape.

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14. Patterned duct tape is an easy way to prettify plain water bottles.

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15. Cut a whole watermelon into sticks – perfect for lots of little grabby fingers!

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16. Kids will pretty much eat anything that’s on a stick – yes…even fruit. And get yourself a food marker (marshmallows are the perfect canvas!).

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17. Transform boring, store-bought treats into something spectacular with a few bells and whistles. 

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18. Give fruit cups a facelift with googly eyes and some Sharpie marker magic. 

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19. Jazz up juice boxes with stickers, heck, even toilet paper if it’s Halloween (mummy juice – muhahaha!). 

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20. Get the best deals on party supplies by studying the price tags at Target. This takes some planning, but again, you’re room mom, so that’s totally second nature by now.

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21. Put pancake mix in a ketchup bottle for a no-mess school breakfast event. 

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22. Cut up apples ahead of time and wrap a rubber band around the slices to keep from browning. 

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23. Turn a cheese stick into pretty much anything with permanent markers.

via Room Parent

24. Pair a gift card with themed items, a fun printable – or both. 

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25. Make hot dogs for a crowd in a crock pot… 

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26. …and cook corn on the cob in a cooler.

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27. Use muffin tins to transport and serve individual snacks… 

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28. …and to organize craft materials at party stations. 

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29. Egg cartons and ice cube trays are great for organizing small materials like buttons, sequins, and beads. 

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30. Use cupcake liners as popsicle drip catchers at outdoor school events. 

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31. Clean sticky scissors with alcohol or hand sanitizer. 

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32. Divide the classroom into class party stations. Use a timer to keep kids rotating throughout. 

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33. Ask parents to pack and wrap a “party in a box”. Each child gets a surprise treat, drink, and small toy. That's one less thing you have to remember to do. Score!

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34. Make personal piñatas for next to nothing using balloons, candy and treats. 

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35. Plastic tablecloths are an inexpensive way to make backdrops for a fun photo booth.  

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36. Don't forget to download our free photo booth prop templates, while you’re at it. 

via Room Parent

37. Ring spools of ribbon or string around a paper towel dispenser to keep them from unwinding. 

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38. Sharpen hole punchers and dull scissors with tin foil. 

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39. Use a lint roller to quickly clean up glitter. Your custodian will thank you...and be your new best friend. 

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40. Or better yet, don’t use glitter at all. You’ve been warned.

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