Amber C: I love being room mom! You get to do those cute crafts that you keep saying you're going to do with your kids! Also, you also get to know the teacher. My boys love it and so do I!      


Tracie M: Being a room mom is the best experience ever. It's being involved in your child's school, keeping in contact with teacher, and seeing your child interact with his peers!


Joy K: Being a room mom was so much fun! I got an inside look at what our kids go through daily and I helped the teacher. That gave her time to focus on teaching instead of making copies or laminating. I became an asset to her.


Tammy O: It’s the best way to get to know the students, teachers, and other parents. For those new to the school, it's a great way to network with other parents. My children also feel such pride in knowing their mom helps at school. I wish it could last long past elementary school!


Dani F: It’s a great way to be involved in the school, meet people, and help the teachers, especially in kindergarten and first grade. My son knows his mom is involved and cares about his whole school.


Melissa M: Remember that it is for the kids and to be able to do something special for them, especially those kids who may not be getting that little extra at home. Just seeing the joy on the children's faces makes it so worth it.