Not only are you doing a good turn for the school, but you are also helping your own child. Did you know that parents who get involved are more likely to have successful kids? It’s true. There’s decades of research showing a direct relationship between parents who get involved in their kids’ education and the success of those children.Kids with involved parents tend to get better grades, complete homework assignments, attend school more regularly, display better social skills, and are more likely to go on to higher education.

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While there are many reasons to explain this involvement-success connection, one simple explanation rings particularly true: When a parent is involved, the child receives a message that says “your education is important.” Our parent site has published a number of parent involvement articles and resources, including this video that explains why getting involved at school makes a difference. If you’re still unsure about the room parent commitment, watch this:

And if you're looking for good info to share with parents to encourage them to help out, check out these PTO Today resources:

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