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Parent Group Approved!

"Thank you for making the School Family Night kits available to us. We held our first event this year and everyone had a BLAST. Our parents want this to be a regular event!”


Jackie Braneky,
P.S.C.E. President
Immanuel Luteran School
St. Loues, MO

Free School Program:
School Family Nights®

It's Never Been This Easy
to Run a Fun Family Night!

If your parent group is looking for a fun, engaging school family event that is a cinch to organize and host, it's time to plan a School Family Night and connect with more families at your school.

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Family Game Night
Family Science Night
Family Reading Night®
Family Movie Night®




EASY for your group

Each planning kit contains everything you need to easily plan and run your event, from step-by-step planning guidelines to promotional materials and more.

FUN for families

Creative activities and ideas provide an entertaining, educational and enriching experience for families — a surefire way to get them to attend your next event.

GOOD for your school

Build a better, more involved school community by giving parents the opportunity to connect with their kids at school.