Meetings/Robert's Rules

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    Robert's Rules Tip Sheet

    This full-color printable with tips on the steps to Robert's Rules can help keep your meetings on track.

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    Make Meetings More Fun

    Is it hard for your group to get people to come to meetings? With some creativity, you can increase attendance—and parent involvement.

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    The One-Hour Meeting Manager

    If your PTO meetings run longer than an hour, they’re too long. Here’s how to make them shorter and more efficient.

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    Robert’s Rules: Sticky Situations

    Straight answers to common questions about voting, agendas, and best practices for your meetings.

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    How To Take Meeting Minutes

    What to write down and what not to, plus tips to make the job easier.

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    Measuring Meetings

    There are much better ways to gauge the success of your parent group than counting how many seats get filled to go through a monthly agenda.

  • Meetings

    Boost Meeting Attendance

    Do you struggle to get people to come to meetings? The problem might be publicity or timing—or it might be the meetings themselves.

  • PTO Today Article

    Put Meetings in Perspective

    Parents have limited time to devote to volunteering. Should you ask them to spend it attending meetings?

  • Minutes

    Meeting Minutes Dos and Don'ts

    Minutes are a legal document and an important record of your decisions. Guidelines on when to take minutes and what to record.

  • PTO Today Article

    Meeting Minutes: Just the Facts

    Keeping complete and accurate minutes is an important legal obligation. Here's why certain types of information should—or shouldn't—be included.