Parent Involvement

Practical tips on how to reach out to parents and get them connected to your group and school.

  • 5 Ways To Build School Community

    Creating a sense of unity benefits students, teachers, and families.

  • Parent Involvement Toolkit

    This comprehensive guide offers time-tested strategies for connecting with all types of parents at your school and walking them up the Involvement Ladder.

  • School Family Nights

    Our free kits make it easy to plan a great night for families and get parents more connected to their child’s school.

  • 9 Simple Involvement Builders

    From using social media to simply asking for help, here are easy yet effective ways of getting more parents to pitch in.

  • Make the Case for Parent Involvement

    When parents participate in the educational process, kids do better in school. Here’s how to tell parents what they need to know.

  • Back2School 2015

    Our free Back2School program gives you all the tools you need to connect with parents at your welcome event or open house this fall.


  • 26 Ways To Build Involvement

    Getting more parents to participate is as easy as A, B, C when you follow this list of best practices.

  • How To Respond to Excuses

    Try our No-Excuses Response Guide when "I'd love to, but..." is the answer you get from potential volunteers.

  • The One-Hour Pledge

    You'll get a lot more people to volunteer if they know there's a limit to their commitment.

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Parent Involvement Basics

  • 13 Keys to Strong Involvement

    A step-by-step guide for parent group leaders who want to reach out and engage more parents.

  • Involvement Step by Step

    Getting new parents to participate means creating opportunities that match their level of involvement interest.

  • Make New Families Feel Welcome

    Holding out a helping hand when families first arrive at the school pays off in increased involvement and a stronger parent group later on.

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Dad Involvement

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Multicultural Involvement

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More Parent Involvement Resources

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