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  • Elections

    Tips for a Smooth Officer Transition

    Election season is starting soon. Consider these key points now to help ensure that the transition to a new board goes smoothly.

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    Managing Discord on the PTO Board

    Disagreements among board members are bound to happen, but they don’t have to be deal breakers.

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    How To Be a Successful PTO President

    Tips and advice for new PTO and PTA presidents.

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    Robert’s Rules: Sticky Situations

    Straight answers to common questions about voting, agendas, and best practices for your meetings.

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    Build a Strong Executive Board

    Working to form a cohesive executive board can pay off in long-term success for your parent group.

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    16 Tips for Executive Board Members

    Doing these simple things will help make you a more effective PTO or PTA board member.

  • Elections & Transition

    Officer Transition: Planning Ahead

    Prepare new officers for success by making sure they have the information and training they need.