• Organization

    Rules for Keeping PTO and PTA Records

    Guidelines for how long you should keep bank statements, meeting minutes, and more.

  • Finance & Budget

    How To Close Out Your Financial Year

    A few must-dos to wrap up your finances and close out the PTO or PTA books for the year.

  • Resource Guide

    Treasurer's Toolkit

    Our comprehensive guide to all of a parent group treasurer's required tasks, plus ready-to-use finance and budgeting forms, worksheets, and reports.

  • Money Management

    Organize Your Finances With Finance Manager

    Easy-to-use, web-based software that takes the stress out of treasurer tasks like account reconciliation and budget creation.

  • Downloadable

    Parent Group Treasurer Job Description

    An outline of weekly and monthly tasks, characteristics of a good PTO or PTA treasurer, and other job requirements.

  • Officers

    3 Skills Treasurers Need

    Have you ever considered becoming your group's treasurer? Ask yourself these three simple questions.

  • Finance & Budget

    Protect Your Parent Group From Embezzlement

    How to keep your PTO from being a victim of theft, and advice from groups that have gone through it.

  • PTO Today Article

    Dealing With Bad Checks

    Many problems with check payments can be avoided by having a clear policy in place from the start.

  • Finance & Budget

    How To Manage Your Budget

    These basic bookkeeping procedures will help you keep your PTO budget in order.

  • Finance & Budget

    Budget Basics for PTOs

    Budgeting makes all of your financial decisions easier. Follow these steps to create a budget for your PTO, even if you've never had one before.

  • PTO Today Article

    Taxes, PTOs, and the IRS

    Questions about tax-exemption? Get the scoop on 501(c)(3).

  • PTO Today Article

    Preventing Theft: Why It's Crucial

    Theft from PTOs and PTAs doesn't happen because there's a criminal in your midst. It happens because need meets opportunity—opportunity you can and should prevent.