Free Guides

  • Free Download: Playground Guide

    Hooray for Outdoor Play!

    Whether you’re building a new playground or adding on to an existing one, we walk you through the important steps to get it done.

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  • Free Fun Run Planning Guide

    How To Plan a Fun Run

    Our free guide covers everything you need to know to pull off a jogathon fundraiser at your school, from motivating students to collecting pledges.

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  • Free Holiday Shop Guide

    How To Run a Holiday Shop

    Tips for choosing a service provider, getting organized, and creative ways to promote your event.

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  • Free Auction Donations Guide

    148 Silent Auction Ideas and More

    Ideas for items and baskets to offer at your school auction, plus a few items that don’t work and lots of helpful tips to make the process of securing items easier.

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  • Free Back-to-School Guide

    Ultimate Guide to Back-to-School Success

    From parent involvement and strengthening your board to getting organized and working closely with school staff, find concrete steps you can take now.

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  • Free Carnival Guide

    School Carnival and Fair Planning Guide

    Everything you need to create a winning event for your school community.

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  • Free Communications Guide

    Marketing Must-Dos for PTOs and PTAs

    Eight top ways to promote your group effectively within your school community, plus actionable steps for each one.

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  • Free Community Service Guide

    Community Service Ideas for PTOs and PTAs

    Find specific project ideas, tips on publicizing your event, free downloadables and Facebook graphics, and more.

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  • Free Download: Epayment Guide

    The 411 on Credit Card Payments

    Accepting payments by credit card is a step that can increase your parent group’s income. Our guide will help you understand the benefits and risks, evaluate costs, and more.

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  • Free Involvement Guide

    Put Parent Involvement First: 10 Tips

    Make involvement your top priority and every challenge your group faces will get a whole lot easier.

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  • Free Involvement Guide

    Reenergize Your Group Midyear

    Keep your group motivated to carry on with its good work! How to manage volunteers, avoid burnout, and review your financial status.

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  • Free Leadership Guide

    New Leader Kit

    All the know-how you need to be an effective and successful parent group leader, including tips for managing difficult people.

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