• Communications

    Create a PTO Newsletter They'll Read

    A school newsletter is an effective way to communicate with parents; these six steps take you from start to finish.

  • Back to School

    Back-to-School Ideas for PTO Officers

    Set yourself up for a successful fall with these 31 tips on organization, communication, and more.

  • Communicate With Parents

    Parent Express Email

    Our free tool that makes creating and sending emails easier than ever.

  • Communication

    Communication Tips for Better Involvement

    How you reach out to parents can help build involvement—or it can work against your group. We'll help you get it right.

  • PTO Today Article

    How To Write a Press Release

    Get more publicity for your next event with these simple steps for contacting the media.

  • Challenges

    Eliminate a Negative Vibe at PTO Meetings

    Critics got you down? Using a diplomatic approach to handle difficult situations (and people) can often help get things back on a positive path.

  • PTO Today Article

    Facebook: Going Beyond the Basics

    The social media site is an ideal place to post meeting reminders and announcements. But it can help your parent group in a variety of other ways, too.

  • PTO Today Article

    9 Free Apps Parent Group Leaders Love

    Make the most of your smartphone with these free apps that will help your parent group communicate, plan, and share.

  • Communication

    The Art of Saying No

    Use these tips to keep yourself from becoming overcommitted, or worse, burned out.

  • PTO Today Article

    Email Communication Tips

    How to use email effectively while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding.

  • PTO Today Article

    Create a PTO Website That Works

    Never created a website before? No problem! We'll walk you through the process, from getting a domain name to promoting and maintaining the site.

  • PTO Today Article

    Create an Effective Survey

    Gathering feedback from parents and teachers can help build support for your programs. These tips will help you create a survey and evaluate the results.