Finance and Budget

  • Resource Guide

    Treasurer's Toolkit

    Our comprehensive guide to all of a parent group treasurer's required tasks, plus ready-to-use finance and budgeting forms, worksheets, and reports.

  • Finance & Budget

    10 Tips for Handling and Protecting Your Assets

    Could your group use some more money smarts? Our 10 tips can help with your budget, record-keeping, and more.

  • Money Management

    Organize Your Finances With Finance Manager

    Easy-to-use, web-based software that takes the stress out of treasurer tasks like account reconciliation and budget creation.

  • Finance & Budget

    Protect Your Parent Group From Embezzlement

    How to keep your PTO from being a victim of theft, and advice from groups that have gone through it.

  • PTO Today Article

    Dealing With Bad Checks

    Many problems with check payments can be avoided by having a clear policy in place from the start.

  • Finance & Budget

    How To Manage Your Budget

    These basic bookkeeping procedures will help you keep your PTO budget in order.

  • PTO Today Article

    What Should PTOs Pay For?

    Tighter school budgets mean parent groups are asked to fund more and more items that used to be paid for by the administration.

  • Finance & Budget

    Budget Basics for PTOs

    Budgeting makes all of your financial decisions easier. Follow these steps to create a budget for your PTO, even if you've never had one before.

  • PTO Today Article

    Preventing Theft: Why It's Crucial

    Theft from PTOs and PTAs doesn't happen because there's a criminal in your midst. It happens because need meets opportunity—opportunity you can and should prevent.

  • PTO Today Article

    Annual Audit: How and Why

    A yearly audit is a key safeguard for your money and a planning tool for the year ahead. Think of it as a "year in review" for your finances.

  • PTO Today Article

    5 Smart Financial Controls

    Avoid unnecessary headaches with these practices to keep your assets safe and your records clean and up to date.

  • PTO Today Article

    Figuring Finances for Events

    How to build a simple cost model and estimate the start-to-finish finances for your group's new events.