Fitness & Health at School

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    School Snack Rules: How Are PTOs Coping?

    No doubt, new food rules have changed the way kids snack at school. Here's a look at how it's affected some parent groups.

  • Get Students Moving

    NFL School Programs and Contests

    PTO Today has partnered with the NFL to bring free programs to schools to help keep kids healthy.

  • Fundraising

    Help for Your Fun Run

    Tips for organizing a successful (and fun!) event.

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    Stepping Up to Family Fitness Challenge

    A PTA encourages its school families to walk a combined 1 million steps to better health.

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    13 Ideas To Get Kids Active

    It’s not exercise when it’s fun. These ideas add a little fitness to your events or serve as great activities on their own.

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    Preventing Cold and Flu: What PTOs Can Do

    Help your school community prepare for cold and flu season with these practical tips.

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    Encourage Healthy Habits at School

    Schools can be breeding grounds for the germs that cause colds, the flu, and other illnesses. Here’s how PTOs can help fight germs to keep kids in class.

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    How PTOs Can Get Students Moving

    Children who exercise enough are more likely to succeed in school, and more school parent groups are helping get them up and off the couch.

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    Family Fitness Night Tips and Ideas

    A family gym night is an inexpensive way for school PTOs and PTAs to get kids moving and put a positive emphasis on physical activity.