Treasurer's Toolkit

Treasurer's Toolkit

Get your PTO treasury up and running smoothly! Ensure that your parent group dollars are handled correctly and protected for the long term with this Treasurer's Toolkit created specifically for PTO and PTA leaders. We'll walk you through all the key financial steps of parent groups and show you everything you need to know to keep accurate financial records.

The kit includes tips on smart budgeting, instructions on how to create a treasurer's report, a checklist of important monthly tasks, ready-to-use financial forms, customizable worksheets, and more.

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Section 1: Your Responsibilities

Section 2: Getting Started
Get Organized
Review Your Banking Relationships

Section 3: Budgeting
Creating a Budget for a New Parent Group
Creating a Budget for an Established PTO

Section 4: Routine Tasks
Transaction Processing
Reconciling the Checking Account
Handling Bounced Checks
Reporting to Your Group
Recordkeeping and Filing

Section 5: Annual Tasks
Year-End Financial Review
IRS Form 990-EZ
State Reporting Requirements
Transitioning to a New Treasurer

Section 6: Essential Financial Controls

Section 7: Month-by-Month Checklist

Appendix A: Time To Prepare for Next Year

Appendix B: Recruiting the Next Treasurer

Appendix C: Tackling Your Tax Return

Appendix D: Five Smart Financial Controls

Appendix E: Annual Audit—A Key Tool Often Overlooked

Also included:

  • Budget Category and History Worksheets
  • Reimbursement Request Form
  • Check Request Form
  • Deposit Forms
  • Miscellaneous Charge Form
  • Cash Box Request Form
  • Checking Account Reconciliation Worksheet
  • Bounced Check Letter
  • Financial Activity Report
  • Performance to Budget Report
  • Sample Annual Budgets With Descriptions
  • Financial Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Annual Financial Review Guidelines (Audit Guide)
  • IRS Form 990-EZ Completed Sample and Line-by-Line Description
  • IRS Schedule A Completed Sample and Line-by-Line Description
  • IRS Schedule G Completed Sample and Line-by-Line Description
  • IRS Schedule O Completed Sample and Line-by-Line Description
  • Year-End Treasurer's Substantiating Reports
  • "Where To Report It" Fundraisers Chart


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