What's the difference between PTO and PTA? Does it matter? Expert insight on this issue, including how-tos and FAQs on switching from PTA to PTO.

  • PTO vs. PTA: What's the Difference?

    The vast majority of parent-teacher groups are actually independents rather than formally affiliated PTAs.

  • PTO vs. PTA FAQs

    PTO vs. PTA FAQs

    Answers to some basic questions about PTOs and PTAs, including how to get started organizing your group.

  • Startup Toolkit

    Our comprehensive guide walks you through all the essential steps to make your group a successful independent entity.

  • PTO vs. PTA: Differences at a Glance

    PTO vs. PTA: Differences at a Glance

    Dues, insurance, nonprofit status, and more—get the scoop on the pros and cons of PTA compared with PTO.

  • PTA to PTO

    Switching From PTA to PTO

    Key steps if your group is planning to change from a PTA to an independent PTO.

  • New Leader Kit

    Tools and tips to strengthen your skills, develop new tactics, and help you become an even more effective leader. Free download with registration.

Starting a Parent Group

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