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One Last Dance

A mom who got involved says thanks for the memories.

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Are You Right for the PTO?

Take our simple test to see whether your personality type makes a good PTO parent.

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When It's Time To Change

This time, Dad has to volunteer.

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Surviving 3rd Grade Graduation

A rite of passage comes earlier.

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Taking Aim at the Head Table

It's time to update the old meeting model where officers sit at the front of the room and everybody else makes up the audience.

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Is It Really Worth It?

Leading a parent group is a lesson in delayed gratification—you work hard now for results that emerge sometimes years down the road.

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PTO Headlines of the Future

The influence of parent groups on every part of life and culture has never been clearer than in these predictions.


Power Up Your Teacher Wish List Program

TeacherLists can help your group manage your school’s teacher wish list program right online, at no cost.

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Two Kids, Two Parent Groups

With the kids going to different schools, giving equal time to each PTO was an impossible equation...until both parents got involved.