Opportunities for All: Teacher appreciation is one of those things that all kids and parents want to participate in. Make sure that everyone who has signed up to volunteer gets to play a part. Plan activities that allow for lots of helpers.

Walk of Appreciation: Ask students (and parent helpers) to come to school early one day. Provide them with chalk to write/draw notes to the teachers on the walkway into the building—one sidewalk block for each class.

Flower for the Teacher: Have students bring one flower each to the cafeteria before school. Provide a large vase set up for each teacher. (Make sure to have extra flowers on hand to even out the bouquets.) Also provide vases for the principal, office staff, and cafeteria workers, and perhaps a bowl of chocolate Hugs and Kisses for the custodians.

Food, Glorious Food: Plan a themed staff luncheon, with parents making their favorite dish. For those who don’t like to cook, have them bring in paper products, provide drinks, or help serve/clean up. Don’t forget to send out invitations to everyone who works at the school.

Give Them a Break: Give the teachers a recess break—ask parents to come in to provide coverage so that they can have an extra long period before the next class session.

An Apple a Day: Ask each student to bring in an apple-related item (a picture, recipe, shaped note cards, etc.). Room parents can combine all the items in a basket for the teacher’s desk with a note that reads “You are the apple of our eye.”