“I am a board member of a preschool and a member of my child’s elementary school PTO in Phoenix. I wanted to give the teachers a note of encouragement on behalf of the preschool’s board of directors, so I purchased assorted pens and pencils and colorful binder clips. For around $1 a teacher, I was able to provide each of our 20 teachers with a pencil, Sharpie, highlighter, mechanical pencil, basic ball-point pen, and easy-grip ball-point pen. I used a rubber band to tie them together. Next, I printed out the following saying and clipped it to a fun and colorful binder clip: ‘With the school year “write” around the corner, here is a little something to get you off on the “write” note. Best wishes for a great year!’ Lastly, I tied a ribbon through the binder clip and tied a nice bow around all of the pens.”

Melissa Lien, God’s Garden Preschool, Phoenix