1. Collect Assorted Supplies and Toys

Balloons, pennies, blocks, sand, magnetic letters, measuring cups, envelopes, and more are all useful for teaching concepts included in state curriculum standards. Ask PTO members to dig through their garages, basements, and “junk rooms” for these supplies; fill gift bags with the donated items to give to teachers.

2. Highlight Their Personalities

Put up a “bravo board” near the school entrance. Select a teacher of the week and decorate the board with photos and personal information, such as hobbies, favorite books, and pets. Ask other staff members and parents to write notes of appreciation for the board.

3. Share Birthday Wishes

Get a list of birthdays from the school secretary, then leave a card in each staff member’s box on her special day. You can also have students make cards, and let their teacher discover a class set of notes in her mailbox.

4. Pamper Them

Request donations of gift cards, merchandise, and services from businesses in the community.

5. Ask the Right Questions

Send out a teacher questionnaire that can be used to personalize your group’s year-round appreciation efforts. Ask about hobbies, favorite books and authors, pets, sports interests, and favorite charities.

6. Run Some Errands

Offer to do a dry cleaning drop-off day early in the week, and return the cleaned items to teachers.