1. “Spruce Up” the School Decor. Give students paintball guns, confetti cannons, and silly string in school colors, and let them go wild. You’ll be astounded by their, um, creativity.

2. Try Crazy Hare Day. Bored with Crazy Hair Day? Ask students to bring pet bunnies to school instead, and watch them multiply like crazy!

3. Forget Twin Day. Instead of having friends dress alike on spirit day, ask students to come to school looking like their teachers. Here’s hoping your teachers have a sense of humor!

4. Go (Way) Back to the '80s. '80s Day is so passe. Hold an 1880s Day and see how many kids come dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder or Jesse James.

5. Drop School Colors Day. Have Dress-as-the-Mascot Day instead. (Moms, have fun making those eagle costumes!)

6. Ditch the Pizza Party. Announce that the classroom with the most school spirit gets a photo op with a top pop star. Just be sure to check prices on life-size cardboard cutouts first.