Walkathon Fundraiser Incentive


“The big event we added to our annual walkathon is the tricycle race between the music and PE teachers. If the school reached the goal of $12,000, [they] would both race around the walking track—on tricycles! To get the students excited, we blew a picture up to 11x16 of Coach Cornwell and Mr. Beam sitting on their tricycles, helmets and all, and announced the event at the prewalk pep rally two weeks earlier. We reached our goal, and after a day of walking the track with classes and having fun with other activities, the entire school and parents gathered outside on the hill at the end of the walkathon, just before school let out, and the race was on. It was a priceless moment for the kids (and adults)!”

Ann Sisk, Iron Station (N.C.) Elementary PTA

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