6 Ways To Boost Redemption Program Profits


Helpful tips for maximizing the profit of your collection fundraiser.


1. Choose the Right Program

There are many redemption programs to choose from, including box tops and labels. Consider which products families are most likely to buy, as well as how often they will buy them.

2. Offer Multiple Collection Points

Most families send box tops or labels to the classroom. But you should also have collection points elsewhere in the school, as well as in the community (pharmacy, senior center, library, etc.).

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3. Get the Word Out

While better-known programs benefit from their longevity and advertising, newer programs sometimes get off to a slow start. Spread the word on school websites, at PTO meetings, and with displays in school entryways.

4. Go Digital

Using social media like Facebook can dramatically increase your fundraiser’s profits by allowing you to post collection results, contest reminders, promotions by local stores, and more.

5. Rev Up the Competition

Consider offering incentives like a pizza party for the class that brings in the most to encourage kids’ interest and participation.

6. Enlist Teachers’ Support

While teachers shouldn’t be expected to add to their workloads, a small amount of support can greatly increase profits. Show them your appreciation by offering incentives like books for the classroom or other supplies.

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