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Inspiration From PTO Leaders


What sort of pep talk would you give to a new leader who might be nervous? Try these words of wisdom from our Facebook community.


Ask for help

Ask for help and thank people for what they do. Be loyal to your team. —Teresa L.


Be brave

Be brave and never look back! —Daniel B.


Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know the answer but will find out! —Kimberly B.


Spread the word—schools thrive because of hard-working parent groups

Don’t overstep

Help volunteers when needed, but don’t overstep or do it for them. —Shannon D.


Stay true to yourself

Stay true to yourself. Remember there are people who complain in every group, so don’t take it personally!
—Brandy R.



Take it one event at a time! Breathe! You can do it! —Rachel S.


You are enough

You are enough. Don’t compare yourself to previous leaders because we all bring our own strengths and weaknesses. —Erika M.


Above all...

Above all, remember why you are doing this. It’s for the kids and the school. You can’t go wrong if you keep them first. —Shannon W.

Originally posted in 2015 and updated regularly.

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