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You Know You're a PTO Parent When...

That moment when you know there's no turning back.


What Do You Love Most About Your Parent Group?

Friendship, shared goals, teamwork—there's a lot to love about being in a school parent group!

Inspiration from leaders

PTO Pandemic Playlist

A leader-inspired playlist of songs to keep you going, make you laugh, or help you through a tough moment.

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Gift Ideas for the School PTO Parent/Partner in Your Life

This holiday season, what are you giving the special person in your life? If you're still stumped for ideas, check out our list below for inspiration. Any one of these would be perfect for a partner, BFF, or even yourself!

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20 Things Every PTO Leader Is Looking Forward to When We Get “Back to Normal”

Runapalooza and pastries with actual people? Yes, please.

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Help Wanted: PTO and PTA Officers

When you’re trying to recruit new parent group officers, be direct—and have a sense of humor.


8 Hilarious Reactions When You Ask Parents To Volunteer

Because when you're on the PTO, nothing scares you.

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Inspiration From PTO Leaders

What sort of pep talk would you give to a new leader who might be nervous? Try these words of wisdom from our Facebook community.

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Keep Calm and PTO On

Serving as a leader of a volunteer organization can be stressful. These tips can help you keep calm and carry on with your important work.


It All Went Wrong, and I Survived!

Some of our favorite stories from parent group leaders about when things veered off course.

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Why We Do It

Five leaders talk about what keeps them motivated and inspired to help their school, even when the going gets tough.


Inspiring Quotations for Parent Group Leaders

20 of our favorites to amuse and inspire you.


A Family Tradition of Volunteering

These parents pass the “volunteer bug” on to the next generation.

Room Parents

50 Ways To Rock as a Room Parent

Being a room mom can be tricky—so our friends over at Homeroom Mom have put together 50 tips to help your school’s room parents have a great school year.

Free Resource

Inspiring Quotes Clip Art

Funny, wise, and inspiring sayings to share with parents in your newsletters and emails.

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6 Smartphone Apps You Wish Existed

Imagine what your group could do with these additions to your smartphone.

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"It's Worth Every Minute"

Helping your children succeed in school and beyond is easy. Just get involved.

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5 Reality Shows Inspired by Parent Group Events

How would your parent group play out on the small screen?

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7 Things You’ll Finally Get Around to After Your Next Big Event

What will you do with your windfall of free time?

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Adversity: Saving the School They Love

When parents found out their school would be shutting down just a month later, they stepped up to raise money and run the school, receiving the 2011 Parent Group of the Year award for Outstanding Effort To Overcome Adversity.

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PTA Volunteer Makes Math Fun

An elementary school PTA member works with others to increase student achievement through math games and puzzles.

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Are You Right for the PTO?

Take our simple test to see whether your personality type makes a good PTO parent.

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One Last Dance

A mom who got involved says thanks for the memories.

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Getting To Know the Teachers

Parents who cultivate relationships with teachers show their kids that the person standing in front of the blackboard is more than just a classroom figurehead.

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My Foolproof Escape Route

Nothing gets you out of your own head faster than spending time with children.

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PTO Headlines of the Future

The influence of parent groups on every part of life and culture has never been clearer than in these predictions.