A PTO Leader's Heartfelt Letter on What Volunteering Means

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll relate! Jenny Jackson shares her candid thoughts on what she's observed (and learned) in her time serving on the PTO.

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Because Every New President Deserves a Winning Ticket

The perfect welcome gift for newly elected PTO and PTA Presidents...all you need is a printer and a sense of humor!

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40+ Memes About Volunteering at School (and Joining the PTO)

We rounded up the funniest memes we could find—and added a few of our own—in our new mega meme bundle.

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Funny School Volunteer Appreciation Awards

Say Thanks With These Awards Just for PTO Leaders

From "The Tough Cookie" to "Budgets Like a Boss", this set of 18 customizable school volunteer awards will add a little fun to your last meeting of the year!

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24 PTO and PTA TikToks That Made Us LOL

If you own an inflatable dinosaur costume or spend Friday nights with your label maker, this one's for you.


8 Hilarious Reactions When You Ask Parents To Volunteer

Because when you're on the PTO, nothing scares you.

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24 Weird but Awesome Habits of PTO Leaders 

You'll love (and relate to) our take on some of PTO leaders' more interesting habits.

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Why Do You PTO?

It's not always easy, but it's worth it!


What's Your Aha Moment?

We asked PTO leaders when they first knew their work was appreciated. Here’s what they had to say.

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Your PTO Song Playlist

Your PTO Song Playlist

Need a boost? Grab your headphones and sing along to our leader-inspired list of songs.

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You Know You're a PTO Parent When...

That moment when you know there's no turning back.

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These #ptolife Photos Tell It Like It Is

No one ever said volunteering would be glamorous. PTO leaders show what parent group life looks like in the trenches.

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Quiz: How Would Your Group Spend $500?

Take our PTO personality quiz to learn more.


What Do You Love Most About Your Parent Group?

Friendship, shared goals, teamwork—there's a lot to love about being in a school parent group!

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25 Tweets About #PTOlife That Are All Too Real

If you can relate, you’re probably on the PTO.

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20 Amazing PTO Achievements

We’ve heard a lot of inspiring stories through the years we’ve been making PTO Today magazine. These are some of our favorites.

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These #ptokids Know How To Make the Most of Any Situation

When parenting and volunteering for the PTO have to happen at the same time, kids often find a way to be involved—and frequently, cute photos result.

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When Parent Group Leaders #ptoprep for Events, They Don’t Mess Around

Whether it’s pulling an all-nighter or packing the car more full than it’s ever been, leaders have plenty of stories to tell about getting ready for PTO events.

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Inspiration From PTO Leaders

What sort of pep talk would you give to a new leader who might be nervous? Try these words of wisdom from our Facebook community.

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Keep Calm and PTO On

Serving as a leader of a volunteer organization can be stressful. These tips can help you keep calm and carry on with your important work.

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Inspiring Quotes Clip Art

Funny, wise, and inspiring sayings to share with parents in your newsletters and emails.


It All Went Wrong, and I Survived!

Some of our favorite stories from parent group leaders about when things veered off course.


A Family Tradition of Volunteering

These parents pass the “volunteer bug” on to the next generation.

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6 Smartphone Apps You Wish Existed

Imagine what your group could do with these additions to your smartphone.

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"It's Worth Every Minute"

Helping your children succeed in school and beyond is easy. Just get involved.

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Are You Right for the PTO?

Take our simple test to see whether your personality type makes a good PTO parent.

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7 Things You’ll Finally Get Around to After Your Next Big Event

What will you do with your windfall of free time?

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5 Reality Shows Inspired by Parent Group Events

How would your parent group play out on the small screen?