Not Just Another Dance


Try these fun alternatives to father-daughter and mother-son dances.


Across the country, groups have come up with creative ideas for parent-child date nights. Father-daughter balls and mother-son dances are popular choices, but just about any kind of event can work for parent-child pairs.

To kids, the activity matters less than who they’re doing it with. What they really want is special time with an important adult in their lives. Here are some ideas from PTOs and PTAs for fun parent-child activities.

Wacky game night: Kids and parents compete in human hamster ball races, sumo wrestling matches in oversized suits, an electronic bull ride, an inflatable rope climber, or other items available for rent.

Game show night: Create an event based on activities featured in Minute To Win It, The Amazing Race, or Fear Factor.

Sports outing: Go see a local pro or college team. For added fun, encourage kids to wear superhero costumes.

Bowling and pizza night

Lego-building contest

Gym game night

Scavenger hunt

Laser tag

Roller skating or ice-skating night

Relay games

Ping-pong tournament

Go-cart racing

Pumpkin patch trip

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