14 New Year’s Resolutions for a PTO Leader


Looking back with humor, and forward with perspective.


Resolved: Never (again), when the DJ doesn’t show up for the school dance, will I let the principal fill in and play “his” music.

Resolved: I will make sure to get RSVPs for students—and parents—before hosting another family event in the school gym.

Resolved: Never (again) for the spring fling will I put together the chocolate fountain upside down, making it clog and creating a chocolate mountain.

Resolved: I will use new rope for the field day tug-of-war.

Resolved: Never (again) will I commit to building a parade float without remembering that I’m not crafty or artistic in any way, and in fact I don’t really like doing that kind of thing.

Resolved: Before I prescoop 800 bowls of ice cream for the ice cream social, I will make sure there’s enough room in the freezer for them.

Resolved: Never (again) will I spread little gold stars on the red carpet for Teacher Appreciation Day without remembering that they stick to people’s shoes and end up all over the school.

Resolved: I will confirm the locations of smoke detectors before starting up the popcorn machine.

Resolved: Never (again) will I run the cotton candy machine without a shield at the fall festival (or anywhere).

Resolved: I will only use copperhead-free hay bales for the fall hoedown from now on.

Resolved: Never (again) will I ask the fire department to fill the dunk tank—although that was cool—without asking how long that water has been sitting inside the fire truck.

Resolved: When a load of mulch is brought for the school garden, I will check first—before it’s dumped out—that it’s not actually wood chips meant for the playground.

Resolved: Never (again) will I ask a woman who is nine months pregnant to put together Valentine’s favors for the kids, even if she continues to work on them after she goes into labor, and even if she sends her husband home after the birth to finish them. (True story.)

Resolved: When I get stressed out by PTO work, I will remember all the successes, heartwarming moments, and camaraderie we enjoy throughout the year—especially big smiles on kids’ faces and sweet hugs. I know the kids appreciate what we do, and that fills me back up. 

Happy New Year to all of you, the school parent group leaders and volunteers who give so much of yourselves.

Originally posted in 2015 and updated regularly.

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