Storybook Puppets

Make hand puppets of favorite book characters, such as those in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, using common craft materials (felt fabric, yarn, googly eyes).

Book Covers

Decorate heavy paper that can be cut out and used to cover a favorite book.


Punch a hole at the top of an appropriately sized paper strip and thread a length of yarn through. Decorate with stickers, markers, and other embellishments.

Construction Paper Collage

Make a picture that represents the story using tissue paper and construction paper in a variety of colors. Encourage artists to hand-tear the paper and also cut pieces with decorative scissors.


These labels will be a special way for kids to identify their favorite books. Include space for them to write their name. Self-adhesive paper makes the label easy to apply.

Book Bags

Personalize a canvas tote bag that can be used to bring home books from the library. Provide alphabet stencils for adding names.

These crafts were adapted from our free Family Reading Night planning kit. Request your kit to get a step-by-step timeline, book suggestions, and even more ideas.