If you're a regular on our message boards you'll know how often folks are looking to share documents with each other. Why design a brand new 'Donuts with Dad' flyer or 'Welcome Letter' when others have already done the work and are willing to share?

We're pretty excited about the File Exchange tool because we know how much time it takes to create all those flyers, letters, surveys, etc. you use all year long. By sharing documents everyone can save time...and tap into even more ideas by looking at the documents other groups use. You'll be able to grab a document whenever you need and hopefully you'll use the very simple 'submit a document' feature to share the files your group is currently using.

Our webmaster is working hard to get the last few bugs fixed and have this tool ready to go next week. And now that I've made this announcement here on the blog there's even more pressure for him to finish on time...sneaky of me I know ;)

It's never fun to go live with an empty stage so we're hoping you can help! We've seeded the File Exchange with the documents we currently have in the bonus tools area. But we're looking for LOTS more! Do you have any documents to share? Welcome letters, event flyers, donation requests, notices, etc. Please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the next few days and we'll make sure they're in the File Exchange when we launch next week.