So I went off on this on the Blog, but it deserves even closer attention over hear on, because this kind of nonsense can do real harm to our groups. We have to make sure that the wellness regulations going on retain a sense of sanity.

Does it make sense to limit soda machine hours and make sure kids have water as an option? Sure. But the old traditional bake sale isn't the cause of obesity. And a discussion of a wholesale banning of all kinds of foods (foods -- like hot dogs and a slice of pizza and dessert after lunch and a cookie at a bake sale -- that the vast majority of parents feel are fine) has to include a discussion of the harm that can and will do to the good works of PTOs and PTAs and similar good organizations.

Who better to be in that discussion than parents and parent group leaders? If the regulations have gone too far in your town, it's Ok to re-open them. Talk to your principal. Make sure your school board knows that sanity is OK.