7 Tips To Get Your Playground Ready for Spring

As the weather starts warming up, make sure your playground is safe for students with this simple checklist.

by PTO Today Editors


  1. Measure the fill around the equipment. It should be at least 12 inches deep. Clean out trash and animal droppings. Examine rubber mats for curls and wooden borders for splinters.

  2. Examine the play structure for cracks and breakage. Check for rust spots or splinters. Run your hand over plastic parts—they shouldn’t have any imperfections. Shake stairs to make sure they are still sturdy.

  3. Examine bolts and nails to make sure they’re still tight and not protruding. You should never be able to turn bolts with your fingers.

  4. Look for missing caps or plugs (common on ladders and climbers). Examine hooks for wear.

  5. Look for wear in gears and other moving parts. Oil as needed.

  6. Make sure seesaw handles are secure and bumpers are in place to cushion the landing.

  7. Wash equipment with soap and water as needed. Never use bleach.

Read “How To Inspect Your Playground” for more details, and find lots more tips and ideas on the School Playgrounds resources page.

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