Exciting news comes from New York City today! School Family Media (PTO Today's parent company), with support from Procter & Gamble’s Bounty brand, launched TeacherWishList.com, a site that houses wish lists of essential supplies that teachers are lacking in their schools, and in turn, allows parents to help make a difference by fulfilling unmet needs. What's that? I think I just heard teachers and parent groups cheering!

To kick off the new site, PTO Today founder Tim Sullivan was in New York City with folks from Bounty to unveil an oversized classroom vignette (see photo right). This striking collage highlights the millions of dollars our nation’s teachers spend out of their own pockets on classroom supplies, bringing awareness to the launch of TeacherWishList.com. Complete with a larger-than-life chalkboard and cubbies representing the nearly $500 teachers spend on classroom supplies, the installation brings teachers’ financial burdens to life.

The site launch comes in part as a result of a Bounty study conducted earlier this year in which a whopping 71% percent of teachers confirmed they spend an average of $462 out of their own pockets for school supplies which adds up to millions spent every year.

“The fact that 89% of teachers send out a supply list at some point during the year, but are still spending nearly $500 out of their own pockets led us to create a tool to simplify the process and make it easier for parents to contribute to their kids’ classrooms,” said Tim Sullivan, School Family Media president. “We are proud to partner with Bounty to launch TeacherWishList.com which we expect will have a positive impact on teachers, students and their schools.”

Following the unveiling of the vignette, Tim encouraged teachers to register with the site and create supply wish lists using iPads stationed around the installation as America’s children prepare to head back to school. “This site will really make a difference with my faculty and staff,” said Susan Green, Principal, Alain L. Locke Elementary School. “Not only will it provide much needed supplies, but more importantly, it will allow our teachers to focus on what’s really important: educating and fostering our children.”

And it gets even more exciting....

Starting today through September 27th, teachers who register their school wish lists on TeacherWishList.com are entered for a chance to win a $462 grant from Bounty to fulfill items on their wish lists. Additionally, schools with five or more registered teachers are entered for a chance to win a grand prize $25,000 art classroom makeover from celebrity designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz from HGTV’s Home by Novogratz.  And when parents print out their teacher’s wish lists they’ll have the opportunity to receive a $1-off coupon good on any Bounty product.

Stay tuned for more info and be sure to visit TeacherWishList.com and get your lists started!