Have you seen the “Shake You Down, The PTA Rap,” a hilarious video that parodies the plight of parent groups? Well, it could be the start of something big.

Creators Mouncey Ferguson and Elise Robertson, a Los Angeles couple with two kids, said they are hoping to make The PTA Rap video into a web series and have even written a television pilot that builds on this funny concept of PTA moms with hearts-of-gold who turn to crime to raise funds for their schools.

Can anyone relate, just a tiny bit? (Not with the crime component, of course!)

That’s the beauty of this story and why we all got a good laugh. We can all connect to those moments of feeling disheartened from all the work that goes into rallying parents and the community for what can sometimes seem like little payback for our kids.

Ferguson and Robertson, who are active PTA members in real life,  posted The PTA Rap on YouTube earlier this month and it already has several thousand hits. The two also created a website, www. jointheassociation.com, to showcase their work.

Making a video was really a no-brainer for these two. Both are in the film industry. Robertson appeared in such popular television shows as Parenthood and Sons of Anarchy. Ferguson is a writer and producer. Plus, they have lots of creative friends, including some from their PTA, who were happy to play parts in the video.

Ferguson says he and a friend were taking about the PTA and thought it would be funny to do a parody of a parent group turning to a life of crime. From there flowed the idea of using the kids—and specifically their, ah, disruptive natures—as a way to leverage local businesses to pay up. “That resonated with me,’’ Ferguson says.

But The PTA Rap video isn’t just a film project. The two say they are serious about calling attention to helping our schools. They are active parents who were involved in a process to create a dual-language program at their kids’ school.

“We are PTA parents who have been struggling to raise money for our kids’ school,’’ Robertson says.

So, be on the lookout early next year for new installments in the fictional saga of these PTA moms as they shake down their community and threaten to unleash their kids on any establishment not willing to get in on their game.

But do us a favor and don’t end up relating too much.