No Name-Calling Week: Remind Kids to Send Positive Messages

by Rose Hamilton


Next week is No Name-Calling Week, a great time to help kids find constructive ways to communicate to each other. The No Name-Calling Week Coalition provides resources on its website, Here are some ideas to reinforce the message all year long:

Promote Positive Talk: Help facilitate old-fashioned rap sessions in a classroom or as part of an after-school activity. Students at Silver Lakes Middle School in North Lauderdale, Fla., held group discussions revolving around no name-calling themes, and during the morning announcements, peer counselors reinforced a “Stomp Out Name-Calling” message.

Mail a Compliment: In place of candy grams, try a “compliments gram” day to underscore the power of kind words. Get a group of students together to run this program. Invest a few dollars in high-quality stock paper and have students write upbeat messages to friends. Messengers can deliver the notes to the recipients. If necessary, parent volunteers can help younger children with wording.

Artful Expression: Team up with the art teacher or an artistic parent to organize an after-school art event. Encourage kids to release their feelings through a drawing, painting, or another artistic work as an alternative to name calling or other negative expression. Kids who have been called names (as well as the name callers) will feel empowered by expressing feelings in more constructive ways.



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