Simple message this week: You've got to get your PTO and your school connected to

It's too simple, too helpful for your parents and teachers, and offers too many rewards and giveaways not to sign up. It would truly be a shame if your school misses out -- give it a look (or forward this to the right person at your school) today.

Here's just a brief summary of the great stuff it offers, if you get your 2013 back-to-school supply lists posted on the site:

And that's not even mentioning the fact that your parents will love how easy it is to find your school's lists or that teachers love all the free supplies that our sponsors have been making available.

For PTOs and PTAs, we even have a free promo pack to help you get the word out at your school. You can order that here.

Whether it's this week or next month -- when those lists come out, you've got to get them posted on It will be very, very worth your while.