Top 10 PTO Today Facebook Posts in 2013

We had so much fun this year on Facebook, thanks to the many PTO and PTA leaders and volunteers who shared great content and were willing to answer our questions, weigh in on issues, tell us when they loved a post, and, when necessary, let us know when they didn't agree with us.

by Rose Hamilton


So here’s a look back at the best posts of 2013, starting with #10 and working our way up to the #1 post of the year:

10. Lucky Louis

On Take Your Dog to Work Day in June, Louis spent the day at PTO Today with his owner, Leslie Mayer, our marketing director. Naturally, we snapped his picture. We’ve never seen anyone around here (dog or human) pay such close attention.

9. Nothing but blue skies

We compile lots of photos from our PTO Today Expos, but this one, uploaded by Nicole Ciganik, really captures the true spirit of our annual event: smiling PTO leaders with bags full of freebies on a beautiful day.

8. Pizza, pizza

We love coming across new and clever auction items, like this one from Hagemann Elementary PTO. It was a great presentation that was sure to pull in bidders for a pizza party hosted by staff!

7. Trunk or treat tradition lives!

The trunk-or-treat Halloween tradition is as strong as ever, based on the flood of ideas we saw on Pinterest in October. We grabbed this one and posted it to our Facebook page and you loved it! (In hindsight, is it too Miley Cyrus?)

6. Apparently, you can’t be too silly

A shout-out to all the principals willing to get pies in the face or be taped to a wall to support a school fundraiser. This fellow, who probably still has a charley horse, was the first winner in our Celebrate the Principal Difference contest in September.

5. Can’t think of a bad word

This was one of our first coproductions, meaning we asked you to describe teachers with one word and then collected all your answers and created this teacher appreciation word cloud.

4. Show, don’t tell

We posted this image from McKenny PTO because we thought it was such a clever way to tell your school community about all the work your group does. A picture really can tell the story—plus, it’s pretty!

3. Ready to rumble

Kudos to two middle school principals in Westminster, Md., and the Box Tops chair, who helped their schools raise big bucks by competing to collect the most box tops. Loser had to wear the school spirit T-shirt from the winning school.

2. Beckinsale brouhaha

We tried to be funny about a news story concerning what actress Kate Beckinsale wore to a PTA meeting and you folks really didn't like anyone calling attention to what people wear to meetings. Your objections were so strong (and so right on the money!) that we just had to put one of your comments in a quote box (left).

1. PTO zombie!

The very best post of the year is thanks to community member Carrie Sanford, who shared her Halloween costume with us. It so captured the plight of the PTO leader with the perfect dollop of humor! Yes, we've all felt that way, haven't we! Thank you, Carrie! And thanks to everyone for making the PTO Today Facebook community so vibrant, helpful, and fun.


Happy holidays and have a wonderful 2014!


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