To raise the most money, follow these three tips:

1. Make it about the cause. It's not about the product or the money; it's about the work you do and what the fundraiser will help you achieve. Highlight your very specific goal or the good work your group does with your earnings, and make that 90 percent of your outreach focus. People can buy gift wrap or candles or magazines or cups lots of places -- but only with you can that purchase build a playground or support your children's classrooms.

2. Have fun. Personality and excitement make a big difference. The principal getting a pie in the face? That stuff works really well. Check out this gallery of fun motivators and while you're there, tell us your own story   to win a nice reward!

3. Fundraise less. Yup, you will raise more money in the long run by eliminating some fundraisers. Do you have a restaurant night every other week and a sale of one item or another every other month? That's too much. Focusing on just a few fundraisers, running those few even better (louder, better incentives, more fun), and then getting everyone back to your good work (family events, involvement, supporting teachers) is the key to reenergizing your fundraising -- and maybe even your group.

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