My Tip of the Week: Spice Up Your Carnival or Fair

by Tim Sullivan


Do you host an annual spring event in the schoolyard or at a park?

If so, my advice is to change it up, add some new life, get out of too-familiar patterns.

We can give you lots of great ideas, like these 17 ideas for spicing up your carnival or fair, and these three fun theme ideas. But don't dismiss the value of creating new patterns. You want your event to be a greatly anticipated tradition, not a commitment or burden. That's why those new touches each year are so important -- they bring life and energy.

By the way, the new touches aren't only for the attendees, but also very much for the volunteers. The best way to have a just-OK event is to have volunteers who are just going through the motions. If your volunteers are bored or tired, there's no doubt your event will have that feel, too.

Check out our Carnivals & Fairs topic page for lots more tips on how to spice up your next event.

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