Volunteer Appreciation Tim's Tip.

Right about now, you are likely appreciating the heck out of your teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. (Here are some great last-minute ideas for that, plus more in “News and Views” below.) At the same time, I hope you are also planning to thank your great volunteers as this school year winds down.

I’d like to share these three thoughts on volunteer appreciation:

1. If in doubt, appreciate. Don’t get into the “did they do enough to deserve thanks” game. You’ll get way more value by appreciating too many than by forgetting even one. All volunteering matters.

2. Yes, it’s perfectly OK and legal to spend group funds on appreciation. A breakfast, a token of appreciation, flowers for the chairwoman who dedicated two months to your auction -- those are all OK.

3. Many of the best appreciation steps are low-cost or no cost. The handwritten thank-you. The acknowledgment in the newsletter. The brunch with coffee and pastries in the lightly dressed-up school library. It’s the sincerity of your thanks that counts for way more than the price tag. In fact, we just published some volunteer appreciation gift tags that are sweet, simple, and quick ways to show you care.

And before I go, thank you for all you do for your school and kids. All of us here at PTO Today appreciate your work more than you could know.