The biggest mistake I see with parent communication is using only one tactic (like only email or only the newsletter), and then filling that one medium with asks or demands of parents.

Can your parent group communicate too much? I suppose it’s possible, but I certainly see way more groups doing too little versus doing too much.

If all of your communications are asking for more volunteer help or for constant fundraising support, then your parents will definitely tune you out -- and frankly, your group as a whole could end up in trouble.

These days, it’s pretty easy to communicate effectively. I bet well more than half of your families have one parent that is active on Facebook. Does your group have a Facebook page? That’s a great place to post photos from your events, highlight volunteers, and more. Email is a must for specific messages like volunteer reminders, schedule updates, and invitations. (Need a great free PTO or PTA email solution? Check out our Parent Express Email.)

And of course, your PTO website should be updated and helpful (and even fun). Make it easy for parents to find you and learn about you. And try to give off a very likable vibe.

You’re in the business of attracting parents to your group and your school. Using a variety of these modern communication tools well is a great place to start.