Parents often look to PTO and PTA leaders for help that goes beyond the typical parent group job description. While topics like homework, family meals, after-school activities, and work-life balance aren’t covered in the bylaws, it is nice to be able to provide parents with resources when you can.

One of your best bets for parent resources is our sister site,, which has a collection of articles and free printables that parents will find useful for themselves and their kids.

Here are some examples: Printables. has hundreds of worksheets that parents can use to help their children with a variety of academic areas, including math, literacy, science, and geography.

There are also dozens of coloring pages parents can download so their children can take a break from work and just have fun.  PTO and PTA leaders can download coloring pages and keep copies on had for meetings. They are a great way to keep young children occupied when they attend meetings with their parents.

The printables section also includes family chore and organization charts and documents, which come in handy when trying to keep the whole family on track during the school year. also has hundreds of articles on the topics that concern parents most, like homework, bullying, helping kids with learning challenges, and working with teachers.

Finally, the Health &Well-Being  section addresses topics that seem to challenge us all: managing hectic lifestyles.

So, the next time parents are seeking help from you, keep in mind!